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Counties: Lee County

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We've Helped 100's Of Customers With Their Cleaning Needs.

What Needs To Be Cleaned?

  • Roof Looks Old & Worn Out
  • Windows Are Hazy And Foggy
  • Driveway Seems More Like A Dirt-way
  • Pool Deck's All Slimy And Greasy
  • Deck And Patio Could Use A Good Cleanup
  • Sidewalks Aren't Shining Like They Used To

If You Hire A Service That Only Cleans The Surface,

Why Even Pay For Temporary Cleaning Outcomes?

We Provide Deep Pressure Cleaning Results You Can See!

How Soon Can We Help Clean?

We provide exceptional pressure cleaning solutions every day from MONDAY - SATURDAY.

It's our pleasure to give all of our customers On-Time & Reliable service that regularly deliver.

We have limited time slots available though, so the sooner you give us a ring, the better.



Who Will You Talk With Today?

Once you give us a ring, Andy, the Owner & Operator of Clearly Clean, will help schedule your appointment at a time that's most convenient for you and your schedule.

He loves speaking with customers and is great at responding fast, always within 24 Hours and never any later, unlike other cleaners.

What Makes Us The Best Around?

- 1,000's Of Satisfied Customers Serviced

- Fully-Licensed And Insured Business

- Residential AND Commercial Cleanings

There's no denying that we're the #1 service when it comes to Pressure Cleaning in Fort Myers, Florida.


We're A Friendly & Professional Pressure Cleaning Service!

1. Friendly Staff That's Neighborly And Polite

2. Locally Owned & Operated Cleaning Business

3. Quality Roof Cleanings Conducted Safely And Securely

4. 1,000's Of Nearby, Satisfied Customers

5. Regular, Soft-Wash, & Chemical Free Cleaning Options

6. Fully-Licensed And Insured Service

Want To See Real-World Results?

These Are Cleanings We've Recently Done.

We regularly update our website so that you can see with your own eyes just how effective our pressure cleaning methods actually are.

Here's Some Of Our Most Recent Work!

Pool Deck Pressure Cleaning Fort Myers, FL

Brief Explanation:

Have You Ever Wondered: Why Do Caged Pool Decks Get So Dirty & Grimy Sometimes?

Our staff here at Clearly Clean personally helps 100s of locals every year with this issue, and we can help make your caged pool and deck area look brand new too!

Vinyl Fence Pressure Cleaning Fort Myers, FL

Brief Explanation:

We helped this local customer out by assisting them with their vinyl fence pressure washing located right here in Fort Myers, FL.

Have you ever been curious to know what some perks to having vinyl fencing are though?

Church Pressure Cleaning Fort Myers, FL

Brief Explanation:

We were contacted by a local church congregation to see if we’d be able to help them out with pressure washing a main exterior surface of their building.

Exterior water stains are a fairly common occurrence, but why do some surfaces or wall seem to get them more often than others do?

Find More The Longer You Explore Our Site!

And Please Let Us Know If You Want To Find Out More About Any Of Our Recent Jobs.

Local Customers Love Our Pressure Cleaning Services!

Have A Look At How Satisfied They Are With Us...

Call Now To Address All Your Dire Cleaning Needs!

Our Expert Pressure Cleaners Are Local & Reliable.

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Clearly Clean Pressure Cleaning

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We Always Strive To Be The Best Cleaners Around.

Also, You May Be Interested In Taking Advantage Of...

Our Custom Specialty Offers!

FREE Pressure Cleaning Quotes


Specialty HOA Package Deals

Before every job, we try to get a proper understanding as to what our customers' individual pressure cleaning needs actually are before giving out quotes left and right.

With that in mind, All Of Our Pressure Cleaning Services Are Competitively Priced and Solely Centered Around the Necessities of our Customers.

The last thing we want to do is give you a cleaning quote which could potentially end up being higher than expected.

That would not only make us look bad, but is nearly a guaranteed way of making just about any customer more frustrated than they need to be.

Also, Give Us A Call Right Now to take advantage of our competitive HOA Pressure Cleaning Package Deals that'll dazzle you!

Other Pressure Cleaners Have Limiting Equipment,

Or Aren't Able To Provide Adaptable Cleaning Services.

If You Think It, We Can Clean It!

We're able to pressure clean just about any surface such as:

- Roofs

- Patios

- Windows

- Driveways

- Pool Cages And Decks

- Gutters and Soffits

- Concrete and Paver Sealing

- Walkways

- And So On.

We're even able to help out with Commercial Properties and Projects as well.

Don't Keep Dealing With Dirt & Grime!

Call To Schedule Your Professional Pressure Cleaning ASAP.

Call Us: (239) 266-2410

Text Us: (239) 266-2410

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Send Us A Written Letter

Clearly Clean Pressure Cleaning

Fort Myers, FL 33966


1. Why Are We A Superb Pressure Cleaning Service?


We've been assisting customers with their cleaning needs since 2007, but overall have more than A DECADE of expert pressure cleaning experience.

And during this time, we've worked 1,000's of cleaning project and have personally washed down more than 400 Roofs Alone!

We're proud to provide thorough, pressure cleaning services that cut down deep into the gunk and grime and leave virtually any surface shining and spotless.

2. How Local Are We To The Fort Myers Area?


We're based right here out of Fort Myers, FL, yet we still service the greater surrounding areas as well.

These areas include Cape Coral, Punta Gorda, Port Charlotte, North Port, Veniceand several other locations as well both in and around the greater Lee County area.

Not sure if we'll be able to come out to your area? Just give us a quick call to see if you're within a reasonable work range to help provide unparalleled pressure cleaning services to you.

(And yes! We're able to work and help clean up gated communities as well.)

3. But Are We An Official Business?


Yes, we are indeed.

We're a local pressure cleaning business that's Fully-Licensed & Insured to provide safe and effective services that you can count on.

Furthermore, we offer a variety of cleaning options such as our standard pressure cleanings, our soft wash, and for certain projects, we're even able to provide 100% chemical-free cleanings per customer request.

When you hire us, you can rest easy knowing that you're hiring THE top pressure cleaning service around.

4. What Makes Our Roof Cleanings Stand Out?


Our specific soft-wash process is extremely effective for all your roof cleaning needs.

And we're able to help out all roof types and materials such as asphalt shingle roofs, tile roofs, metal, traditional shingle, regular tile roofs, and even clay tile roofs as well.

And since our soft-wash process allows us to clean your roofs without having to get up on a ladder and walk on them, you'll have peace of mind in not having to worry about any roof-related accidents occurring.

Either to your roof or to our professional cleaning technicians.

5. Is Our Equipment Exceptional Though?


We use only the best pressure cleaning equipment on the market which allows us to efficiently clean around your home or business with both precision and power.

Day after day we help to transform the way homes, roofs, windows, driveways, and gutters look.

From pool decks to porches, to siding and sidewalks, our top-tier equipment has proven to be fully reliable and capable of handling any project that's thrown its way time and time again.

No matter what the size of your pressure cleaning project may be, we’ll be able to get the job done quickly and effectively.